Thursday, December 25, 2008

White Christmas

This year the family came out to Utah for Christmas. So this is my FIRST EVER white christmas. It's been fun, but I do miss being home and seeing my friends. But I'm thankful for the time I get to spend with my family. And it's fun to have us all in the house here in Provo (minus Josh, who had to stay to work in San Diego). 
Even Kenya came! There she is in the picture, playing in the park down the street. She's never even SEEN snow before, but she's adapting. She loves to jump around in the deep snow and out of all of us, she's probably the warmest with her fur coat! Still, she doesn't dare jump in the little pond...but come summertime I'm sure she'll be in the water the minute she sees it. 
I got a new camera for Christmas! So I'll be putting up tons of pictures and I can make my own Signs alien videos and take pictures by big red trucks in a bathing suit and tights (Kelsey...)
Today I helped my family create a blog. We'll see if they can keep it up...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Semester Review

The semester is over. Finally. 

I think that my motivation to do well is directly proportional to the weather here in Provo.
September: Sunny. Everyone is happy and optimistic. School is easy... A breeze, if you will. A nice, summer breeze. 
December: You slip on a patch of ice and walk around for the rest of the day with a wet butt. You remember why you hate college and find yourself reading an entire textbook in one week to prepare for finals. Even then, you still get a 75. Which is not an accurate measure of your true genius.

a few classes I took this semester...
-Geography & World Affairs.
Claim to Fame: 97% of students leave class with a desire to stab themselves with an AIDS needle. Also, one of the top 5 reasons I changed my major.

Pre-req: Ability to deal with a teacher who has horrible grammar and expects you to understand test questions that are almost a page long and contain no punctuation. 

Course Description: Act like a 7 year old. My favorite class this semester. I learn more spanish from a Taco Bell menu, but my classmates never let me get too bored. I still don't understand that subjunctive thing.

I'm counting down to January 5th.
I have to pee but I'm trying to save toilet paper.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Distractions...

I mentioned before some of my go-to distractions during finals...well, I'd like to share a couple more with you:

1. Room cleaning. I moved my furniture and even cleaned under my bed. It was a definite time-waster. But now that my room is clean, I can really focus.

2. As I was cleaning my desk, I found some scissors. This lead to the bright idea that I should trim my bangs. This turned into a drastic new style of bangs, some layers added to the length of my hair and a toilet full of huge chunks of hair.
At the time of the self-given haircut, I was a little nervous. But I think it turned out great. I look hawt. 
I dyed it, too.
And then I had a photo shoot with the thermal camera on my macbook. 
And then I blogged about it.

Talk about procrastination...

my grown-up christmas list.

As mentioned before, I am in dire need of a vehicle. Hitching rides just isn't working out for me. I have done some research and decided that my car of choice is definitely a 2009 Lexus GS. But I don't think it would ever work out. So, in an effort to be reasonable, I've decided to settle for a Toyota Camry. I actually like the new body style (anything after 2007) and I could definitely see myself rollin in that kind of ride. 

Don't ask how I know this, but these cars handle like a dream. 

If my parents bought me a new car, I would never ask for a Christmas/b-day present ever again. EVER. Unless I was 40 and unmarried...because then it would just be sad to not have presents PLUS be really lonely. 

Rhonda be dead.

As many of you know, and by many I mean only about 5 people read this, my dear Rhonda is gone. Last week a stupid BMW ran a red light SMASHED her face in. Her air bags flew out, her front end broke off...she was not lookin too hot. In the fight of BMW vs. Rhonda, my bff Rhon did not come out on top. Smoke was coming out, I was running thinking she was gonna blow up on me. 

In the end, I tried to have a good attitude amidst the commotion. All I could do was laugh.

And now I have a small announcement. I am searching for a new BFF. I will not have a show on MTV a la Paris Hilton. But my BFF will be way hotter than anyone on that show. Even Onch. 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

H-B-double hockey sticks.

The Harold B. Lee Library. The worst place to study.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVES the library. But for studying purposes, I might as well be in the middle of an amusement park. I can sit there all day and leave with NOTHING done. I am too much of a people-watcher. And the people in the library are worth watching. trust. 

People #1:
The girls that don't go to the library to study.
They go to the library to TALK. They walk around to every table and somehow know someone at every single table. First of all, how do you know that many people? Second, the library is not a freakin night club. Sit at your table and study. Quit distracting me.

People #2:
The random people that sit at your table.
When I go to the library, I look for an empty table. There are limited tables, however. There is not always the option of an empty table. It is very difficult to study when you're sitting next to someone that wont stop coughing. Or someone that smells like Del Taco. Or someone who you saw on the "people you may know" sidebar on facebook the night before.

People #3:
The guys.
Need I say more? The 5th floor seems to be a haven for attractive men. Attractive, SMART men. It is my DUTY to study them. 

How can one expect anyone to get anything done in a place such as this?? 
I'm bored. I'm going to the library.

#1 Distraction

Today is the last day of school. Tomorrow begins READING DAYS. BYU is so generous as to give us two days (Friday and Saturday...Saturday was already ours, if you ask me) to study for our finals that start next week. I usually look at "reading days" as "play days". Days when I IGNORE my studies. But this year, I need to get serious. Contrary to popular belief, I want to graduate someday.

For me, studying for several hours straight with no distractions is IMPOSSIBLE. If I do that, I just stop paying attention. I learn nothing. How do I break up my study time?
HOT DOG BUSH. has many games that have kept me going through the semester. But my favorite has to be hot dog bush. Just like the website says, this game is ADDICTING. DO NOT get started on it unless you have HOURS to waste. I like to read a section of a book and then reward myself by playing one level.
Hot Dog Bush makes learning fun. 

Another positive about this game: Once you open it, you can play it when you're not connected to the internet. Very nice for those classes in the basement of the JFSB where there's no internet access. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today I had to take my dear computer, James to the hospital. He is sick. He can't get on the internet. Right now I'm using my roommates computer. Don't tell.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight = 2 hr awkward moment.

I just saw Twilight. With my parents. Yeah, I'm really cool. 

Anyway, they're lucky Cedric Diggory is in it...otherwise it would've just been a waste of $10 and 2 hours. Honestly, it was painful to watch for the most part. And I'm not just being a hater. I actually liked the books. But I could've acted the lead roles better. And the last acting I did was in 6th grade when I got denied at an audition for House on Pooh Corner.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Las Vegas is like the grossest girl up in the club...

So I'm sitting in the Las Vegas airport and am once again reminded of the similarities between the city of Las Vegas and a really nasty girl in a nightclub. It looks good with the lights off, can be fun...but when you turn on the lights---ewww. It's disgusting, dirty, trashy and has STD's. Luckily it's dark outside, so the only thing I can see is the huge billboard right outside the window for Australia's hottest male revue, Thunder from Down Under. What a blessing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Parking in Provo

Never has there been a place that has so many parking restrictions. Let's talk about them.

1. THE BOOT. Uglier that uggs+a miniskirt. It is a huge metal thing they put on your tire. It makes it so you can't drive your car away. Instead of towing your car (too much work for the towing companies) they immobilize you and make you stay in the spot longer. The spot that you shouldn't have been parked in in the first place! And boots make people mmmaaaddd. I've never heard of any, but I'm sure there have been several instances of physical violence towards the wonderful employees of University Parking Enforcement (who enforce ALL of Provo...not just campus, Ive come to discover). Plus, it totally makes your car look very un-cute.
Places you might get the boot: Visitor parking at any apt complex after 2AM, in front of your own house.

2. The lime green campus parking ticket. You know the one.
I don't LIKE breaking the rules. I always plan on parking in my barely-off-campus spot. But sometimes it's taken, I'm late to class and forced to improvise. And by improvise, I mean park in 1/2 hr parking. For 2 hours. Most of the time, I deserve the tickets I get. 
When it's snowing outside, you have two choices: 1. park close and get a ticket OR, 2. park far, walk through the snow, freeze, have wet pants, suffer for the rest of the day. (which for me means, Don't go to class).
I don't only deserve those tickets. I WANT them. They are a sign that I am going to class. 
But be careful...7 tickets in one year and you get the campus BAN! That's a $300 fine for just driving on campus. Even if its on the weekend. Or if you're just casually driving through to get the Del Taco on Bulldog. That's right everyone...$300. Beware.

3. TOWING. aka the worst thing that can possibly happen to you.
Let's start with a small story. Last spring I started working at a company you may have heard of...APX alarm. Well, if you thought campus parking rules were bad, you have clearly never tried parking at APX. First day of work, I go in excited. New job, good pay, hot guys...what can go wrong? I think you know where this is headed...
I parked in the lot right in front of the building, next to 4 or 5 other cars. When I came out of the building (at 10pm, mind you. A very dangerous time of night, especially for a young lady such as myself) my car was GONE. Someone had stolen my car!! Someone called KNIGHTS TOWING! Or express towing...? The confusion about the name is a whole different story. That night, it was an APX party over at the towing company as we all paid $135 to get our cars out of car jail. APX, why would you put a parking lot right by the building that no one is allowed to park in? why? Why? WHY?!?! And why would you fire me? I'm real nice.

One last driving complaint: RED LIGHTS. Provo, home of the red light. Takes 15 minutes to drive a mile because every light gets special pleasure out of turning red when there is NO ONE else in sight. And then I get special pleasure out of running these lights and then making a lot of random turns to get rid of the police that follow me.

This next story has a just takes a minute to get to it. Bear with me:
The other day I was bored so I convinced myself that I wanted to go to FIDM in Orange county after I graduate so that I can follow my dream of being a buyer for a big fancy department store. I was looking at the apt complex they recommend for students there (Toscana in Irvine) and I noticed that there were TONS of parking complaints about the complex. They complained about having to have a parking sticker. Are you kidding me? Don't complain to me about your stupid little problems. What complex DOESN'T require a sticker? 

Provo is worse. We win.

We were all once bright-eyed, optimistic freshmen. But these parking policies have turned us into hardened criminal 5th year seniors with black hearts and a rabid need to park close to our classes. I, personally, am scarred.

Underpromise, Overdeliver.

The other day I was asked what kind of guys I like. I thought about it for a while and then came up with my answer. I'm into the "butter face" kind of guy. As in 'everything looks good...but 'er face'. I guess technically it would be a buttHIS face..but you get the point. 

These "butter face" guys have the great opportunity to underpromise and overdeliver. When a girl dates a butter face, she does not expect much. Maybe she expects to stare at his severe underbite or too-close-together eyes. But then the guy OVERDELIVERS. He shows that while he has face issues, he is just like any other guy out there. Maybe even better.

And now for some knowledge form everyones favorite show Parental Control:
"Aim Low."
If you don't expect much, you will never be disappointed.

and hey, maybe someday you'll find a guy without a jacked up face.

I'm going, going...back, back. To Cali, Cali.

I'm trying to bulk up my here I am writing again. 3rd time in like 12 hours. 
So I'm going home tomorrow! Good old California. I'm actually going home for thanksgiving, even though it's like a week early. But something else weighs heavy on my 16 credit spanish test is tomorrow!! So I need to study Study STUDY and cram in those last few bits of knowledge. This test is REALLY important for me. Its like an entire semester of classes I NEED for my major and I can just fulfill the requirement in one day! Pretty cool idea...but pretty stressful. 

You know what I just realized? I was looking for a picture to represent my hometown (I dont actually live in that house, sadly) and I picked out a picture from woodland. I just remembered...I dont live there anymore! I live in Esparto. But a picture of a tractor driving 10 mph or a dead raccoon in the middle of the street was not exactly the type of image I was searching for.

Beyonce is YELLING!

Seriously, what's up with Beyonce these days? Used to love her...but recently it seems like all her songs sound the same.
1. They are super repetitive
2. She is yelling
3. They get old after a day.

The one good thing that Beyonce has recently blessed us with: Single Ladies video.

While the song makes me want to stab my ears with sharp knives, the video is mesmerizing. Do they have spell check on here?? I think that's right...mesmerizing. Oh, I found spell check. I digress.

Anyway, you may have seen the Justin Timberlake-Beyonce SNL funny. If you haven't I suggest you go look for it immediately. However, that video features Beyonce actually speaking. Which annoys me.

If you're looking for something to laugh at...say, a gay guy who spent way too much time learning a dance and Beyonce NOT talking...then here is a video for you. Just fast forward through Bonnie Hunt. Who gave her a talk show anyway.

Another The Hills quote I enjoy:
"I make fun of guys when I like them. I do it as a test to see if they can laugh at themselves."
Doesn't hold a candle to the pearls of wisdom that come from JustinBobby. But still so true.
I swear I don't watch that show. I just know things.


They say the third time is a charm...will this be the first time I actually keep up with a blog? As Justin Bobby said, time and truth tell all. I dont know what that means. I guess my point is we will just have to wait and see if this lasts.