Saturday, January 31, 2009


I keep meaning to make my blog look pretty. but then i end up changing my quotes on facebook for an hour. or playing hot dog bush for 10. 
hours, that is. 
so here it is. the ugliest blog on the internet.

Friday, January 16, 2009

American Idol: freakshow.

#2 is def my favorite. idiot woman. sounds familiar...?


"Yeah, I d-d-did"

I might be a little obsessed with YouTube right now. NBD.
Who doesn't love this guy? 


I was watching Americas Best Dance Crew when I remembered another MTV dance show I loved...

Friday, January 9, 2009

"Here's my picture of Jesus..."

One day I was bored. Being that I am really Mormon, I went to the temple. I bonded with an elderly couple. I took pictures. Here they are:
The lights turned on while I was standing there. Everyone was funny. Little kids were even like, screaming. Really? Screaming? It's Christmas, not the end of the world. The moon and that one star in the sky looked cool.
I dont know why there arent any lights in this picture. But the lighting was perfect...the sky color was so pretty. Dusk, if you will. 
I dont know what that little blur dot is doing up there. This year the trees were really lit up. I wonder how much time someone spent putting lights on every single tiny branch of every single tree on Temple square. It took my like an hour just to do one small tree. I can't imagine.
Mo' lights.
Mo' blur dots. 
There's a little Mary/Joseph/Jesus nativity in the middle of the reflection pond. I couldnt capture the coolness of this. But It was cool. Trust. and there are little bubbles of lights...gotta get some of those. 
Check out the moon. It was an amazing night. But you're lucky you weren't was like 2 degrees. I was freezing! My elderly friends were worried about me. I was wearing sweats and a sweatshirt (trousers and a blazer)...had I prepared ahead of time I would've been sporting the ski mask, long underwear, and toe socks. 

break and whatnot.

Christmas break is over. It went by a little too fast...I'm not ready to be back in school. And it's already the end of the first week of school. I have no books, no motivation...I am not ready for this! I mean, its 2:18AM and I'm writing this. Hello!?! I should be sleeping. Not watching season 2 of greys anatomy and being on the internet. Ridiculous. But I figured it was time to change the "Merry Christmas" title on my blog and put up some pictures I took with my camera. I still haven't mastered how to use it...all my pictures are like huge and the ones at night are blurry. But I don't even care. Here's some...
My lil house got snowed on during break. And apparently the economic downturn has really affected the amount of snowplows they have running here. They're lucky I don't have a life...or I'd be so pissed. 
Kenya was nervous...
The sound of the carpet shampoo-er scared her. We spent ALL DAY shampooing the carpets. That machine is SO LOUD. Picture a REALLY REALLY loud vacuum running for like 7 hours straight. I gouged out my eardrums at the end of the day. Note: if you stain my carpet I will kill you. There is no way I'm enduring that again. 
My dad talks really loud on the phone. Kenya was tired of all the noise. And yes, we allow the dog to sit on the couch. She also sleeps in the bed. She is a person. 
Wow. I have a lot of pictures of the dog. She was very entertained by the turkey.