Saturday, June 27, 2009

first dinner in the DR.

Once we got in to the DR, our first order of business was a trip to la playa!! We live like a block from the beach. Our hotel we're staying at has definitely exceeded everyones expectations! I was expecting to be in basically a shack. But it's amazing here! We have a pool and internet (obviously) and a security guard. Anyway, we walked down to the beach...the walk is nice. We pass this little fruit stands, and there's literally 100 little motos (motorcycle taxis) driving by, whistling and trying to give us rides. We attract a lot of attention here...being a big group of Americans. When we got to the beach we all ran to the was so nice to get out of the relentless heat and humidity!!

After playing a little at the beach, we saw Rachel who is a volunteer for DREAM and she told us about this restaurant on the beach that has a happy hour special. So we ended up eating this HUGE, pasta, salad...for a little over $4!! Amazing. And we even paid for our drinks. That's like McDonalds status! haha. Anyway, these pictures up there are from the restaurant. We were literally  100 yards from the water and all the palm trees were tied with pink and red ribbons. It was so nice. Our server was from Germany...she was really nice and helpful when we were struggling to convert from American dollars to Dominican pesos in our heads...

The first picture is Sutton, Janise and Megan...I just put it up because I think Sutton looks really funny. I think they were getting ready to pose for a picture. And the other two are Megan K, Katherine and Megan L enjoying the dinner. So good!

Oh, and side note...while we were sitting there, all these little vendors ATTACKED US! This guy came up and played us some songs and these 3 ladies were trying to braid our hair. We had to literally fight them off! The lady pulled my ponytail out of my hair and just started braiding. It was really crazy! I LOVED IT! 

La Republica Dominicana

Oh, que fun! I am having a great time here in the DR so far. We got in on Thursday around 2 and went through immigration. We were greeted by these 3 old Dominican men playing music and some girls wearing like, Carnaval outfits...? Do they have carnaval here? I don't know. But they were taking pictures with people. From the second we got off the plane, it was SOOO hot!! Kind of gross. I've been dripping with sweat basically non stop. 
After we got our bags, we were going through customs and the guy let everyone go and then stopped me and checked my bag. He asked me where we were first taste of Dominican spanish. He had to repeat it like 4 times because I could not understand a single word! ha. Then we got into our guagua (a little bus thing) and rode from Puerto Plata to Cabarete, where we're staying. It was maybe a 20 minute drive? I don't remember...I was entranced by the scenery. That video is a little part of our ride when we first saw the beach. You can see a few of the kite surfers...there are literally HUNDREDS here. I guess its the kite surfing capital of the WORLD. So crazy. 
Okay, I'm gonna end this for now...but we were just talking about our time here so far and I just have to say that every day here is the new best day of my life!! It keeps getting better!! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

'09-'10 GOALS.

I've been thinking about things I want to do this next I'm taking a break from packing to write this, a list of my short-ish term goals. More of these goals may or may not be added later.

1. get a job.

2. use said job to make hundreds of dollars. sit behind bench at Celtics game. make funny faces on TV and wear a really embarrassing shirt that attracts a lot of attention. marry Rondo.

3. graduate.

okay, thats all i have for now. i guess the point of this is: I want to go to a Celtics game. 

DR in 8 hours. comin in hot. 

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The narration in this video is kind of weird...but this is the video from the DREAM website (the project I'm working with this summer for my internship). My mom told me she watched it today and cried. So then I watched it and cried a little too. haha. So now you guys should watch it and maybe cry too.
I can't wait to go help all these kids. They have nothing. I see all the pictures of volunteers hugging and smiling with the kids...and I can't wait to do that! It's weird, because normally I'm not even a huge fan of kids. It's overwhelming thinking about everything these kids need...hopefully I can help at least one of them have a better life. 

Don't be surprised if I come home with a little Dominican in my suitcase...


It's been a while, hasn't it? I know you all can't live without my incredible wit, so I'll write something. 

First of all, I just took my last final like an hour ago. And may I say, I'm pretty impressed with my performance. I got 100% on the multiple choice part of one of my finals! I am so good. If only my grades were a reflection of my performance on finals...alas, they are not. I don't think my grades this semester are gonna be too hot. We shall see. 

Cosa numero dos, In exactly 7 days from this moment, I will be luxuriating in the Dominican Republic. It has really snuck up on me! And now It's last minute and I feel like I'm scrambling to get everything done. Not only do I have to prepare for this on a personal level, I am a little nervous about my class and what I'm teaching. I'm sure I've said it before...I'm teaching a science and nature class. I got a lot of good activities and ideas from my mom who teaches 6th it's a matter of turning those activities into actual LESSONS. And I feel like I need an outline for what to say, in case I get in front of those childrens and my Spanish fails me. 

Anyway, that's basically my whole life right now. I am experiencing some serious relief from stress now that school is over...but I have like no break at all...I have to move on to the next project. Which is fine. I'm so excited and anxious for this DR experience, that I really can't complain. Tonight I'm gonna start making my 125 science journals for my students...

Oh, I have another item of interest- I have an awkward moment to look forward tomorrow. In my ward they are partnering us up to go to the Manti temple luck being as it is, I got paired with the most awkward-est guy. We had like a 10 minute phone conversation that consisted of mostly silences and awkward jokes I didn't understand. I want to back out so bad...but I don't want him to know its cause of him. Even though it totally is. I hope he never finds my blog and sees how mean he is. Or what if we end up like, becoming friends or worse FALLING IN LOVE and then he reads this? haha. oh well! 

This is the most pointless post and I hate myself for writing it.