Saturday, June 27, 2009

first dinner in the DR.

Once we got in to the DR, our first order of business was a trip to la playa!! We live like a block from the beach. Our hotel we're staying at has definitely exceeded everyones expectations! I was expecting to be in basically a shack. But it's amazing here! We have a pool and internet (obviously) and a security guard. Anyway, we walked down to the beach...the walk is nice. We pass this little fruit stands, and there's literally 100 little motos (motorcycle taxis) driving by, whistling and trying to give us rides. We attract a lot of attention here...being a big group of Americans. When we got to the beach we all ran to the was so nice to get out of the relentless heat and humidity!!

After playing a little at the beach, we saw Rachel who is a volunteer for DREAM and she told us about this restaurant on the beach that has a happy hour special. So we ended up eating this HUGE, pasta, salad...for a little over $4!! Amazing. And we even paid for our drinks. That's like McDonalds status! haha. Anyway, these pictures up there are from the restaurant. We were literally  100 yards from the water and all the palm trees were tied with pink and red ribbons. It was so nice. Our server was from Germany...she was really nice and helpful when we were struggling to convert from American dollars to Dominican pesos in our heads...

The first picture is Sutton, Janise and Megan...I just put it up because I think Sutton looks really funny. I think they were getting ready to pose for a picture. And the other two are Megan K, Katherine and Megan L enjoying the dinner. So good!

Oh, and side note...while we were sitting there, all these little vendors ATTACKED US! This guy came up and played us some songs and these 3 ladies were trying to braid our hair. We had to literally fight them off! The lady pulled my ponytail out of my hair and just started braiding. It was really crazy! I LOVED IT! 

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