Saturday, June 27, 2009

La Republica Dominicana

Oh, que fun! I am having a great time here in the DR so far. We got in on Thursday around 2 and went through immigration. We were greeted by these 3 old Dominican men playing music and some girls wearing like, Carnaval outfits...? Do they have carnaval here? I don't know. But they were taking pictures with people. From the second we got off the plane, it was SOOO hot!! Kind of gross. I've been dripping with sweat basically non stop. 
After we got our bags, we were going through customs and the guy let everyone go and then stopped me and checked my bag. He asked me where we were first taste of Dominican spanish. He had to repeat it like 4 times because I could not understand a single word! ha. Then we got into our guagua (a little bus thing) and rode from Puerto Plata to Cabarete, where we're staying. It was maybe a 20 minute drive? I don't remember...I was entranced by the scenery. That video is a little part of our ride when we first saw the beach. You can see a few of the kite surfers...there are literally HUNDREDS here. I guess its the kite surfing capital of the WORLD. So crazy. 
Okay, I'm gonna end this for now...but we were just talking about our time here so far and I just have to say that every day here is the new best day of my life!! It keeps getting better!! 

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