Thursday, June 18, 2009


It's been a while, hasn't it? I know you all can't live without my incredible wit, so I'll write something. 

First of all, I just took my last final like an hour ago. And may I say, I'm pretty impressed with my performance. I got 100% on the multiple choice part of one of my finals! I am so good. If only my grades were a reflection of my performance on finals...alas, they are not. I don't think my grades this semester are gonna be too hot. We shall see. 

Cosa numero dos, In exactly 7 days from this moment, I will be luxuriating in the Dominican Republic. It has really snuck up on me! And now It's last minute and I feel like I'm scrambling to get everything done. Not only do I have to prepare for this on a personal level, I am a little nervous about my class and what I'm teaching. I'm sure I've said it before...I'm teaching a science and nature class. I got a lot of good activities and ideas from my mom who teaches 6th it's a matter of turning those activities into actual LESSONS. And I feel like I need an outline for what to say, in case I get in front of those childrens and my Spanish fails me. 

Anyway, that's basically my whole life right now. I am experiencing some serious relief from stress now that school is over...but I have like no break at all...I have to move on to the next project. Which is fine. I'm so excited and anxious for this DR experience, that I really can't complain. Tonight I'm gonna start making my 125 science journals for my students...

Oh, I have another item of interest- I have an awkward moment to look forward tomorrow. In my ward they are partnering us up to go to the Manti temple luck being as it is, I got paired with the most awkward-est guy. We had like a 10 minute phone conversation that consisted of mostly silences and awkward jokes I didn't understand. I want to back out so bad...but I don't want him to know its cause of him. Even though it totally is. I hope he never finds my blog and sees how mean he is. Or what if we end up like, becoming friends or worse FALLING IN LOVE and then he reads this? haha. oh well! 

This is the most pointless post and I hate myself for writing it. 

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