Friday, January 9, 2009

"Here's my picture of Jesus..."

One day I was bored. Being that I am really Mormon, I went to the temple. I bonded with an elderly couple. I took pictures. Here they are:
The lights turned on while I was standing there. Everyone was funny. Little kids were even like, screaming. Really? Screaming? It's Christmas, not the end of the world. The moon and that one star in the sky looked cool.
I dont know why there arent any lights in this picture. But the lighting was perfect...the sky color was so pretty. Dusk, if you will. 
I dont know what that little blur dot is doing up there. This year the trees were really lit up. I wonder how much time someone spent putting lights on every single tiny branch of every single tree on Temple square. It took my like an hour just to do one small tree. I can't imagine.
Mo' lights.
Mo' blur dots. 
There's a little Mary/Joseph/Jesus nativity in the middle of the reflection pond. I couldnt capture the coolness of this. But It was cool. Trust. and there are little bubbles of lights...gotta get some of those. 
Check out the moon. It was an amazing night. But you're lucky you weren't was like 2 degrees. I was freezing! My elderly friends were worried about me. I was wearing sweats and a sweatshirt (trousers and a blazer)...had I prepared ahead of time I would've been sporting the ski mask, long underwear, and toe socks. 

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