Friday, December 19, 2008

Semester Review

The semester is over. Finally. 

I think that my motivation to do well is directly proportional to the weather here in Provo.
September: Sunny. Everyone is happy and optimistic. School is easy... A breeze, if you will. A nice, summer breeze. 
December: You slip on a patch of ice and walk around for the rest of the day with a wet butt. You remember why you hate college and find yourself reading an entire textbook in one week to prepare for finals. Even then, you still get a 75. Which is not an accurate measure of your true genius.

a few classes I took this semester...
-Geography & World Affairs.
Claim to Fame: 97% of students leave class with a desire to stab themselves with an AIDS needle. Also, one of the top 5 reasons I changed my major.

Pre-req: Ability to deal with a teacher who has horrible grammar and expects you to understand test questions that are almost a page long and contain no punctuation. 

Course Description: Act like a 7 year old. My favorite class this semester. I learn more spanish from a Taco Bell menu, but my classmates never let me get too bored. I still don't understand that subjunctive thing.

I'm counting down to January 5th.
I have to pee but I'm trying to save toilet paper.

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