Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Distractions...

I mentioned before some of my go-to distractions during finals...well, I'd like to share a couple more with you:

1. Room cleaning. I moved my furniture and even cleaned under my bed. It was a definite time-waster. But now that my room is clean, I can really focus.

2. As I was cleaning my desk, I found some scissors. This lead to the bright idea that I should trim my bangs. This turned into a drastic new style of bangs, some layers added to the length of my hair and a toilet full of huge chunks of hair.
At the time of the self-given haircut, I was a little nervous. But I think it turned out great. I look hawt. 
I dyed it, too.
And then I had a photo shoot with the thermal camera on my macbook. 
And then I blogged about it.

Talk about procrastination...


Catherine said...

i love reading your blog. your hilarious.

kell said...

i adore this hair. and i adore the fact that i found your blog.

Sarah Marie said...

girls. you're nice. i'm flattered.