Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beyonce is YELLING!

Seriously, what's up with Beyonce these days? Used to love her...but recently it seems like all her songs sound the same.
1. They are super repetitive
2. She is yelling
3. They get old after a day.

The one good thing that Beyonce has recently blessed us with: Single Ladies video.

While the song makes me want to stab my ears with sharp knives, the video is mesmerizing. Do they have spell check on here?? I think that's right...mesmerizing. Oh, I found spell check. I digress.

Anyway, you may have seen the Justin Timberlake-Beyonce SNL funny. If you haven't I suggest you go look for it immediately. However, that video features Beyonce actually speaking. Which annoys me.

If you're looking for something to laugh at...say, a gay guy who spent way too much time learning a dance and Beyonce NOT talking...then here is a video for you. Just fast forward through Bonnie Hunt. Who gave her a talk show anyway.

Another The Hills quote I enjoy:
"I make fun of guys when I like them. I do it as a test to see if they can laugh at themselves."
Doesn't hold a candle to the pearls of wisdom that come from JustinBobby. But still so true.
I swear I don't watch that show. I just know things.

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