Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm going, going...back, back. To Cali, Cali.

I'm trying to bulk up my here I am writing again. 3rd time in like 12 hours. 
So I'm going home tomorrow! Good old California. I'm actually going home for thanksgiving, even though it's like a week early. But something else weighs heavy on my 16 credit spanish test is tomorrow!! So I need to study Study STUDY and cram in those last few bits of knowledge. This test is REALLY important for me. Its like an entire semester of classes I NEED for my major and I can just fulfill the requirement in one day! Pretty cool idea...but pretty stressful. 

You know what I just realized? I was looking for a picture to represent my hometown (I dont actually live in that house, sadly) and I picked out a picture from woodland. I just remembered...I dont live there anymore! I live in Esparto. But a picture of a tractor driving 10 mph or a dead raccoon in the middle of the street was not exactly the type of image I was searching for.

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