Sunday, April 12, 2009

James Makes a Comeback.

As many of you know, James (my computer) and I took a small trip last week...down the stairs.

Let me set up the situation...give you a small taste of how it went down-
It was Tuesday, one of my favorite days of the week. However, this Tuesday was different. Not only did I have a big paper due the next day, but I had to take a test online (these tests take about 2 hours...luckily they're online so I totally cheat, which makes it a little easier). And to top it off, I had to pick up my brotha from the airport, severely cutting down the time I had to take my test. 
However, even with all this crap on my plate, I was still optimistic. I was almost done with my paper, was planning on cheating on my test and Tues is my favorite day of classes. In one of my classes we had our "TASTE OF LATIN AMERICA" day. AKA we ate. Can you beat that? You can. But only with a fantastic Dominican Republic class. This class is always fascinating. I mean, I just love everyone in my class. And we get to sing little kid songs in spanish and play games for 2 hours. Its absolutely sensational.
So I was having a pretty neat day. I get out of my DR class, and start heading to the library to go print out some notes for my cheat-fest I was about to embark upon. I only have a few short hours to get a lot done, so needless to say, I am JAMMIN. Not quite running, but one level below breaking out into a sprint. I see the sad custodial girl shamPOOing the carpet. I continue past her and get to the stairs. Being the over-confident mother effer that I am, I ignore the hand railing and take my first step. Everythings going well. I get about 3 stairs down when BAM. I'm done. It's over.
The water/shampoo build up on my flip flops from the carpet causes a major mishap. I fall down about 15 stairs. Luckily, my backpack and my butt break my fall. I quickly gather my resources and try to play it off. But nothing could hide the fact that I was just laying on the ground with my cell phone and papers askew. Of course when I fell, I made quite the commotion on the stairs. A lot of papers crumpling, backpack buckles bouncing down the stairs, and a large mexican eating crap. Luckily, no one else was going down the stairs at the same time...but there was a large group of AZNs waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Maybe an anime class had just gotten out? Or a Samurai Sword handling class? I dont know what the explanation was, but there were about 7-12 asians waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. I walked by, acting natural as though nothing had happened. Similar to what someone would do after farting in a crowded elevator. Just pretend you didn't notice.
As I walked to the library, I couldn't help but laugh. A lot. As in, crack up uncontrollably while walking alone through campus. This is not a situation you want to be in. Lets just say the asians weren't the only ones giving me weird looks that day. So I broke out the cell phone and pretended to be reading a funny text to explain my laughter to the onlookers. 
When I got to the library, I took out my computer and opened it up. The laughter quickly turned to tears. My screen was EFFED UP. SEVERELY. I couldn't even see my picture of my lover Rajon Rondo on the background. This was a concern. Apparently, my computer did not fare well in its small trip down the stairs. Poor James! 
I could not access my almost-finished paper, nor could I get my notes for my test. Luckily I pulled through with an 84 on my test without cheating and I was able to whip a paper out of my butt and turn it in on time. It did require a lot of wikipedia-ing. But it is what it is. Sometimes you need to make a sacrifice. And this was not the first time I used wikipedia as the main source for a paper. 
My brother ended up getting me a pretty sweet deal to fix my comp...not that it matters, since my parents paid anyway. So in the end, everyone was happy. And I got a nice new clean screen and keyboard for my lil Jamesypoo. We are more in love than ever.  

Congratulations on making it through this, the longest post ever.

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jules said...

i literally laughed for like 10 mins when reading this.