Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Not Even Ashamed...

Fact: I saw the Hannah Montana movie. And I liked it. 

Not only did I see the movie, but I saw it on opening day. Meaning, I sat amongst the 10-12 year old girls for 2 hours and had a darn good time. 

Let me give you a little background on my Hannah Montana obsession:
A few years ago, when High School Musical came out, I was like most other college-aged ladies- slightly curious. I made it a long time without seeing the movie. Then during the summer, a friend and I were bored and decided to go rent it. We ended up just making fun of the whole movie and wanting to turn it off. The next day, my 7 and 11 year old cousins came over and saw the High School Musical dvd on the table and FORCED me to watch it again. Once again, I wanted to kill myself. But watching it with my little cousins was actually kind of funny. They are cute and knew the songs, etc. So it wasn't the experience of the night before, where I wanted to stab myself with an AIDS needle, but it was still not my favorite day ever. 
After my HSM experience, I vowed to never watch another RETARDED disney channel movie/show. I could no longer deal with the cheesiness and the constant singing and bad acting.

Fast forward to thanksgiving break 2008. I'm sitting on the couch with my dad. He has control of the remote. What does he choose to watch? You guessed it...Hannah Montana. I was immediately disturbed by the fact that I slightly enjoyed the show. It wasn't really LAUGH OUT LOUD funny or anything...but it was a welcome break after Bret Michaels Rock of Love or MTV shows that focus on backstabbing and cracked out whores. I could not admit to myself or anyone else that I enjoyed the show, however. I even made fun of my dad for sitting through about 15 minutes of a show starring Billy Ray "achy breaky heart" Cyrus and his annoying teen daughter. When my mom said how much a lot of her SIXTH GRADE students liked the show, that sealed my fate: I was going to have to quit watching the show, or at least do it in the secret privacy of my own room.

When I got back from break, it was a while before I watched the show again. But just recently, I started kind of getting into it. And last week was Hand Picked Hannahs week on the Disney channel...i mean, I couldn't resist!! And on Friday, who was on the Tyra show? MILEY CYRUS. It was destiny. I had to go to the movie.

And to be quite honest, the movie was good. It moved me to near-tears several times. I even downloaded a few of the songs when I got home. And already have an embarrassingly high play count on iTunes for a few of them...

The funniest part was when Hannah Montana took off her wig, revealing to a crowd at a concert that she was just plain old Miley. All of the little girls in the theatre SCREAMED. Not like a little scream of surprise...a few were screaming bloody murder. I thought someone pulled out a gun or something. And when Billy Ray kisses his love interest, there were more excited screams from the tween crowd. I mean, when Miley kissed her man, thats okay to scream...but Billy Ray? Really? Since when do we scream for 40 year olds hooking up? 

Long story short, this was a good movie. Wholesome, uplifting. A true feel-good experience. 

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