Monday, April 13, 2009

What do McDonalds and Sarah have in common??

Check out that fatty!! Hot! 

ANYWAY, Today is my BEST FRIENDS birthday. Ms Alicia V Zuniga is 22 years old. What a pimp!! So I wikipedia'd "APRIL 14th" so I could see who she shares her birthday with. I only recognized like 4 people on the long list of april 14th birthdayers. 

So then I decided to look up another important date in history: MAY 15th. AKA my birthday. I was dissapointed to see that I recognized NO ONE on the list. However, I did see that the most important event in the history of the earth occured on May 15th, 1940. That was the day the first McDonalds opened! HELLO! I share a birthday with McD's! How gangster is that?!

I always felt connected to that particular restaurant...

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