Friday, March 27, 2009


I haven't written on here in a long time. I'm going to the Dominican Republic este verano. I plan on going surfing everyday. There is just one small problem though...

My INTENSE phobia of sharks.
I want to put a picture of a shark on this post but I'm scared to do a google image search.

Everyone is scared of sharks. Duh. They are killers. They are horrible killers with big, pointy, flesh shredding teeth. They are ugly. They have beady little eyes. They are fast swimmers. They arent cute and furry and playful by any means. So of course, everyone fears sharks. 

My problem is, I do not fear sharks. I go well beyond the feeling of fear. 

Here's a little story to illustrate: A couple of months ago I was telling Kelsey about my shark phobia. People dont tend to believe that I am really THAT scared of sharks. My fear is completely irrational. In fact, I feel like one is sitting behind me right now. I's not possible. Hence the "irrational" part of the fear. Anyway, after explaining about my phobia, we were just sitting there on the couch, each on our respective computers doing who-knows-what. Kelsey says, "hey look at this picture of Elliot!" Elliot is a cute boy I enjoy, so of course, I excitedly look over at her screen and it's a huge shark. Not cool. I ended up having to leave the room because I was crying. Yes. A picture of a shark made me cry. A PICTURE. 

I cant even swim in my pool alone because I'm sure there are sharks in there. And at girls camp, I swam across that lake at about 50mph because I was sure there were sharks in the murky depths of that LAKE. Sharks dont live in lakes. I know. But in my head, there was a family of great whites waiting to attack my thrashing legs.

Where did this fear start? I am not really sure. I saw a great white eat a seal at Point Reyes. But that's not where it started. I actually used to not be scared of sharks. But now I can't even watch the shark scenes in The Little Mermaid. 

Anyway, my point is...I am trying to move past this fear. 
My first step to freedom: Watching the shark attack episode of Fantasy Factory. I did it. It was about 3 minutes of torture. But I didn't cry. I dont even think I screamed. Okay, maybe I screamed. alone. In my room. haha. 
My second step: hypnosis. I saw it on Tyra. 

Step 3. Surf with da sharkz yall. Im doin it.

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