Sunday, February 1, 2009

47 Thangs.

You know those posts on facebook...the 25 things posts? I am so annoyed by them. But somehow i always end up reading them. 
Today I decided to compile my own list of 25 facts about moi. Thats french.
Too bad I could not stop at 25. I made a list of 47!! hahaha man I love myself way too much. But I wont throw all 47 at you at once. I'll make this process long and drawn out and very very painful. I'm thinking 5 at a time. By the end, you'll just be dying to know those last few facts about me. 
Plus every single one of my facts is like a page long. I like to write a lot. Especially on my favorite subject: myself. 
And dont worry, I wont post this on facebook. I cant have EVERYONE knowing EVERYTHING about me. This is only for an exclusive group of people. AKA anyone who happens to read my blog. AKA no one. 

Here are the first 5. TA DAAA...

1. I am not clean by any means. Which is weird because I really love clean things. I love a clean house. Like when everything is dusted and the baseboards are shining white. I like it when the windows are so clean you cant tell if theyre open or closed. I want to just run into that clean glass! Sometimes when my house or room are clean all I want to do is just stay home and sit in the cleanliness of it all. I would turn down a night out just to enjoy my clean house.

2. I can spend like 3 hours in Ikea, but I rarely buy anything there. I actually kind of hate everything in that store. The furniture is all crap and its really small. Its made for like tiny European apartments. It's pretty much the worst store ever. And once you get in, it is so hard to get out! They make it a maze to trap you in there. But then the delicious meatballs and cinnamon rolls at the end that are laced with something that makes you forget how bad the experience was. And they also are laced with a slow-release drug that makes you crave another trip to Ikea the next week.

3. Once I took a bite out of a jellyfish that was on the beach. It was on a dare. I did not get anything for doing it. It kind of melted in my mouth. Like cotton candy. Made out of salt.

4. It is my dream to do a triathlon. Unfortunately I can barely walk to the bathroom without losing my breath. 

5. I love road trips. It gives you a legit excuse to eat fast food all day and not change out of your sweatpants. But when it comes to traveling I prefer airplanes. I love flying. I love hanging out at the airport and seeing all the people. I love to see who I'll sit next to on the plane. I love falling asleep in the lap of the old man next to me. I like how it feels to take off and FLY in a huge metal contraption. The fact that a huge metal thing full of people has the ability to fly is amazing! And boats!! dont even get me started.

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kell said...


"i can't walk on water. but i can walk on a huge piece of metal on water. i dont get it!"