Sunday, September 13, 2009


Language survival guide to the Dominican Republic:
NOTE- all these words are Spanish words. The examples are in English for your convenience.

1. Chin: A lil' bit.
Pronunciation Guide: CHeen
Example: "How much toilet paper did you accidentally flush down the toilet?"
"Oh, not much. Un chin."

2. Sanky Panky: (AKA Sanky Pank, S.P.) A guy who hangs on the beach and picks up hot tourist women in hopes of getting anything from a free drink to a green card and passage to the United States. Characterized by hot, muscled bods and sunbleached fros.
Pronunciation Guide: saynKEEpaynKEE
Example: "Why did you marry that guy from the beach that you hardly know?"
"I got sanky pank'd."

3. PSSSSST: A common noised used on the streets and in the classroom. Used by old men to catch the attention of young women. Also used to chastise children and to achieve silence in a classroom.
Pronunciation Guide: Psssst...pretty straightforward.
Example: "PSSSST! Helllooo Freeeeeeennnnd!!!"

4. Buen Provecho: Bon appetit
Pronunciation Guide: Booehn Pro-vehCHoh
Example: "Thank you for this delicious feast of yucca and ketchup!"
"Buen Provecho!"

5. Guagua: Van taxi overflowing with Dominicans. Van must be really old and falling apart and people must be hanging out doors/windows. Extra points for chickens in the seat next to you or an old man sitting on your lap.
Pronunciation Guide: GWA-GWA
Example: "The guagua driver was definitely borracho today."

6. Que lo Que?: What's up?
Pronunciation Guide: K Low K
Example: "Que lo que?"
"Nothing much, just getting back from a wild guagua ride."

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